This is what other leaders, ministers and speakers are saying about Andy.


[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Kevin Kringel, Senior Pastor of Life Church Assembly of God, Roscoe, IL[/heading]

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[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Dave Belfield, Senior Pastor of Today’s Community Church, Wigan[/heading]

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[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Bobby & Yvonne Ball, Entertainer[/heading]

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[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Mike & Hazel Smith, Pastors of New Life Church, Stowmarket[/heading]

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[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Derek Smith, Senior Pastor of King’s Church, Bolton[/heading]

Andy Elmes has been a significant part of our churches development over the course of the last two years; his wisdom and experience has saved us from making many mistakes and avoiding the pitfalls for new and emerging churches. His style is very relaxed and non-threatening, and it comes across clearly that he wants to assist your leadership, not impose his own. We as a church are grateful to God for Andy Elmes, and he has enriched our journey as a Church.

[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Danny & Jean Thornton, Pastors of River of Life Church, Syracuse, New York[/heading]

He has imparted into me, and my congregation here in Syracuse, New York, USA, a zest for life, a greater understanding of how to develop life, to enjoy it to its fullest and then to impart it to others. It seems to be easy for him because it is who he is and what his life is all about – “Living a big life!”. Thanks, Andy, for being so generous.

[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Mike Petzer, Pastor of Living Hope Family Church, Tuscon, Arizona[/heading]

I have known Andy for the past 15 years. He has preached and conducted meetings for me that have been remarkably fruitful and successful in building the church. My wife and I have planted three churches in our 15 years of marriage and we have had the pleasure of having Andy minister in all three of them. But, more than this, I have had the pleasure of knowing him as friend and also as mentor. I have watched closely Andy’s personal growth, which has been nothing short of astonishing. I began by thinking that I was teaching him only to find that he was teaching me. I deeply respect his maturity and wisdom, which is evident on such a wide variety of situations. Andy knows how to build a team, draw people to himself and empower them to fulfill the stated goal. Andy’s positive view of life, and especially of your life, is contagious. What have been merely casual comments for him have been life-transforming moments for me. I recommend him to any person serious about making a success of life and making an impact in your generation.

[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Vaughan Jarrold, Pastor of The Vineyard Church, Kingston, New York[/heading]

I have known Andy for almost two decades, his wisdom and integrity are without question. The last time he visited us in New York he helped re-structure our leadership team and the results have been astounding. His communication is infectious and above all else his ability to impart vision has been fruitful to our entire Church family. Andy’s drive has truly boosted our forward momentum. Thanks Andy.

[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]Ian Williams, Pastor of Riviera Life Church, Torquay[/heading]

Andy’s unique approach to life is contagious, you only have to be around him for a short period of time and you will feel as if you have grown. Andy’s insight and wisdom will help you discover, develop and deploy your God-given purpose; Andy will encourage you to live life to the full and enjoy the journey!

[heading size=”4″ style=”alt”]John Greenow, Pastor of Xcel Church, County Durham[/heading]

Andy Elmes is the real deal! Andy has been visiting our church for over ten years and his visits have always been inspiring and incredibly positive! Every time he has visited us, he has always brought wisdom and encouragement to me personally and to our church. He is an excellent communicator, being both hilarious and powerful, immensely engaging and full of authority. Andy speaks with clarity and knowledge on a wide range of subjects and always delivers a message of hope and life! Andy is passionate about growing people. He will build your life, grow your team and stretch your thinking! Andy is comfortable and relaxed in whatever setting he is placed and is equipped with wisdom and experience for personal coaching, team building or motivating large crowds. I believe he will help you immensely on your journey.