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It’s time for the 21st-century Church to return to a 1st-century vision

Two thousand years ago, when Jesus declared that He would build His Church, He rolled out a blueprint of what the Church was meant to be – relevant and effective through all generations. We now find ourselves in the 21st century, and we need to ask ourselves, “When we roll out the blueprint we currently have for ‘building the Church,’ does it look the same as His? Are we building the Church Jesus wants built?” In this compelling book, Andy Elmes, speaking from years of experience as a church leader, evangelist, and leadership coach, sends out a passionate call to the modern-day Church to return to “the blueprint” of God, building Church once again according to the pattern handed down to us by the architect, Jesus. Andy Elmes challenges us to reconsider the importance of topics like:

  • The Great Commission – is Church to be seeker friendly, mission minded, or both?
  • Discipleship – what place should it have in modern Church?
  • The power of God – are we building safe churches or supernatural ones?

Together we will revisit these and other subjects to see how today’s Church lines up with God’s original plans and intentions for His House. Is it time for the 21st century Church to return to a 1st-century vision? And how do we do that both effectively and relevantly in our generation?

What people are saying about God’s Blueprint for His Church

Although many Christian authors attempt to address the condition of the Church, few have managed to impart such poignant commentary and personal insight as Andy Elmes in God’s Blueprint for His Church – a tour de force communicated with apostolic authority and prophetic clarity. By examining firsthand experiences within his own church, Andy provides perceptive recommendations with the discernment that only comes from experience. Andy not only writes with the skill of an author, but with the palpable artistry of a “master builder.” His work petitions other co-laborers at all levels of spiritual maturity to build wisely, according to the original blueprint. By emphasizing the potential and purpose of the Church, God’s Blueprint for His Church awakens confidence that the gates of hell will not prevail. The contents of this book will help shape a new generation of leaders, pastors, and ministers who are tired of a church system that caters to the lazy and spiritually indifferent. Andy Elmes inspires an ongoing dialogue that will engage all who are eager to enter into a radical new era—one in which the Church exists solely for the glory of God: “…to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (Eph. 3:21).
Dr. Leon van Rooyen, President, Global Ministries and Relief

God’s Blueprint for His Church by my dear friend, Andy Elmes, is a challenge to every pastor, leader, and believer around the world. It’s time to bring the Church back in line with the message of the Gospel, to obey the great commission, and to follow the blueprint for the Church found in the Book of Acts! For years now, pressure has been applied by the enemy to cause pastors and leaders to back down from the Word of God, producing a weak, religious “Church” that does not shake cities and nations. This book will stir you to re-read the Gospels and the Book of Acts and cry out for a Heaven-sent avalanche of Pentecostal power. The only hope for the nations and billions of those who don’t know Jesus is for the Church to rise up and be the Church. Allow this book to challenge you; may a God-given hunger cry develop so that you rise up and return to the simplicity of “God’s Blueprint” laid out in His Word. It’s time to preach God’s Word with signs following and win the lost. I salute Andy for contending and sticking his neck out to boldly proclaim these truths—Andy, keep up the good work. We are blessed by your ministry and what you are allowing God to do through you.
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church

The Church is central in God’s plan to bring salvation to humanity. It’s the one thing He would build and the thing He is coming back for. God intended His Church to be a way for people to see God’s nature and character, and to experience His goodness and love. God’s Blueprint for His Church will take you back to God’s original purpose for His Church in a fresh and revealing way. Andy Elmes’ book is an excellent resource and tool for everyone who wants to be part of building His Church.
Gary Clarke, Lead Pastor, Hillsong Church London

God’s Blueprint for His Church is definitely a book for every church leader. I know Andy Elmes very well and consider him to be an experienced church pastor with a wealth of insight and understanding on church life today. Refreshing and enjoyable, the content will also deeply challenge and stir your heart for the Church of Jesus Christ. His Church is unquestionably the greatest organization on earth today. Designed by God as His masterpiece, it consists of and is shaped by ordinary people just like you and me. As you digest the wisdom in these pages, I pray that God will breathe His Spirit upon you, instilling fresh hope, faith, and dedication to Him, while loving and participating in His amazing Church.
Ashley Schmierer, International President, Christian Outreach Centre Churches

About 13 years ago in Portsmouth I met and later preached for a dynamic young man of God, Andy Elmes. He had vitality, a sense of God’s anointing, an infectious grin, and an intense passion brewing within. Recently, I was preaching again at his powerful growing church. Each day he met me with the same words: “I’ve been up writing this book into the early hours; it is consuming me.” We talked of his passion to see God’s Church restored to the unity, power, and dynamic spiritual leadership of the first-century church. Andy wasn’t just writing a book; with God, he was wrestling through thoughts and ideas that will see the blueprint established for the next great phase of transformation in the Body of Christ. Andy has seen a strong, impacting church established under his leadership. He is raising great leaders under him. He is in heavy demand as one of the UK’s most impacting and anointed speakers. He also ministers extensively globally. Yet he is so very far from satisfied. This book is a powerful statement of Andy’s gut-wrenching passion for us to move from leadership to a place of spiritual leadership that will bring the Body of Christ into the place where our cities and nations shake under the hand of God. This book is brutally honest and has come from intense periods of intimacy with God. It will impact your life.
Tim Hall, International Evangelist

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January 2014