Glass of Water


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‘If truth be told, most senior pastors would love to write a book for their leadership teams called How I Would Serve Me If I Was You. The reality is most won’t, yet what is on their heart needs to be heard. So I dared to write it for them!’ In this sometimes brutally honest book, Andy shares insights on what it is like to be a senior leader of a church, looking with great transparency at the natural and spiritual pressures facing the leader who has decided to do something for God. He also asks the question, ‘Where are the mighty men?’ – those men and women whom God desires to surround the leader with. He asks a number of very honest questions:

What do mighty men look like and what do they do?

What are the hallmarks and characteristics of a mighty man?

What does the leader need their team to do for them?

What have ‘holding up Moses’ arms’ and ‘being an armour bearer’ got to do with us in the 21st century?

This book is written to be intentionally provocative. You will journey into the often unseen world of the leader God has given you, seeing things you never knew and that they would never tell you, and discovering how challenging the calling they received can sometimes be. ‘My desire in writing this book is to stop pastors quitting by initiating vital conversations. I want to provoke the mighty men and women that are out there to have a greater awareness concerning the leader God has given them; to stand up and step up to a new level; to be what they should be so that the leader and their family can be all that God has commissioned them to be.’ Take this thought-provoking journey to discover what a difference a simple glass of water can really make.

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February 2013