Breakfast of Champion Volume 2


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Breakfast of Champions Volume 2 is Andy Elmes’ second collection of daily devotionals written with the purpose of inspiring you to live the most effective, influential, God-filled life you can, and in this volume he is joined by his wife, Gina, and daughter, Olivia. These daily devotionals continue to be packed with wisdom and tips taken from Andy and Gina’s own walks with God, and this time they’ve added even more content with fifty-two Weekend Workouts – thoughts, ideas and challenges to put your faith into action. Andy has also included many of his favourite inspirational quotes.

Breakfast of Champions is read all over the world, by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Alongside your Bible reading, these devotions will give your devotional life a fresh daily boost and motivate you to walk out your faith with boldness and passion. Breakfast is served!

What people are saying about Breakfast of Champions

“I have been receiving the Breakfast of Champions email devotional for quite some time, and have found it helpful and encouraging each day that I make time to read it. God has used it to speak to me in challenging times along the way from week to week.”

John V Stanway, retired pastor

“For a time I found myself avoiding daily devotionals, as they seemed to be a dime a dozen, and I didn’t want to read verses out of context. While I still enjoy reading a book of the Bible start-to-finish in one sitting, I also realise we all need to start our day right and I don’t always allow myself enough time. Our mornings are an opportunity to see the day’s ‘beginning’ as a chance to start the day right with Him. After even a long, terrible night before, there’s something about the morning that is fresh, open, available, exciting. As I came to know Andy Elmes in person from his visits to our home church, I was immediately drawn to his excitement, joy, and sincerity. I think we all find that a great song or sermon has that much more impact when we know it’s coming from sincerity rather than simply by ‘gifting’ or ‘duty’. Andy’s Breakfast of Champions has been the devotional for my life and I find time and again it becomes The Word for that day or week. I pray you too, as a son or daughter of the King, would carve out time and start your day right with the best breakfast for your spiritual health! Amen.”

Daniel Ray

“I am delighted to endorse Breakfast of Champions because what Andy Elmes writes isn’t from his own heart but from the Holy Spirit. I know this because what he writes is anointed, powerful and so relevant. His teaching about Jesus’ secret place with His Father and the vital importance of every Christian spending time alone with God in order to be able to live in a world that is increasingly ungodly was ‘spot on’. Many times what Andy writes in the emails is just what the Lord has been saying to me and urging me to do. We also sometimes have ‘breakfasts’ from Andy’s wife Gina, and these are just as anointed. This couple spend a lot of time in God’s presence, and it shows.”

Ann Firth, retired nurse

“I have enjoyed Andy’s emails very much as they were very helpful when I was in the doldrums; I found them very inspirational at that time.”

Cheryl Carter

“I first received Andy Elmes’s devotional Breakfast of Champions in 2012. I have since moved three times and have changed jobs three times. My social circle has changed and my life is completely different. Life is three times better to me than it used to be. One thing never changed – I continued to receive these incredible daily devotionals. No matter how much turmoil all this change brought, the content of Breakfast of Champions kept me moving forward and inspired me when I needed it, challenged me when I needed it and helped me help others too. Thanks, Andy.”

Leigh Klaver

“I have been a born-again believer for over thirty-eight years, and I believe that I need to keep my devotions and biblical input into my life fresh and varied. I picked up the contact for Breakfast of Champions visiting a church whilst on holiday in Paris almost two years ago. I enrolled by email and I have been reading daily for the past eighteen months. I am encouraged by this refreshing ‘spiritual muesli’, with all the healthy ingredients a good muesli should have: nuts – content with a bit of bite!; raisins – sweet truths to encourage my walk with God; seeds – new perspectives to ‘seed’ new prophetic perspective into my Christian walk; oats – something to chew, we need to meditate/chew on the depths God wants us to go. Well-balanced nourishment should give your body a variety of nourishment to ‘work on in its depths/digest’. Breakfast of Champions addresses numerous dynamic themes with the desire to provide ‘superfood’ breakfast for the believer. Thank you.”

Dr. David Willson, Cologne, Germany

“I’m a missionary/worship leader/teacher living in Brazil. I originally come from England and was a member of Andy’s church. Since leaving England to work in a new culture with very different values and ways of living, Breakfast of Champions has truly been a blessing in my life. With the true wisdom it gives, and consistent encouragement to live life in abundance, it has helped me get through many situations I’m not used to and lead others to believe and know that their identity in Christ will give them hope for the future. Some children here in Brazil feel that their identity is in their drug dealer parents and aspire to follow in their footsteps. However, as Breakfast of Champions has taught us, our identity is in the true heavenly Father. On a more personal note, reading this daily devotional always reminds me of the family I have in Christ – that is, the Church – and it teaches me how the Church biblically should be, which I pass onto the church culture here Brazil. Congratulations on the new book, Pastor Andy.”

Steph Volaris, missionary

“A stroll through the religious section of a bookstore shows there’s no shortage of Christian devotionals. Breakfast of Champions, though, stands apart. First, it finds the perfect balance between depth and brevity. It gives me a strong message to carry throughout the day without overwhelming me with too much to think on and remember. Second, it’s more broad and pastoral than any devotional I’ve read. It meets me in real life situations while being true to the wide scope and variety of what the Bible teaches. Andy has sensitively and skillfully created a devotional that brings daily nourishment to the new Christian and the seasoned saint alike. I cannot help but recommend a book I have used to carry me through days when I was eager and needing to hear from God. Thank you, Pastor Andy!”

Joe Reeser

“My genuine thanks! As a sailor, a half of a degree off course is seemingly nothing if you’re only traveling a mile or two, but week after week, a month, we’ll never make port – we’ll have drifted off course and missed our destination. These morning emails have been a blessing for me. They help with the ‘magnetic interference of my environment’ – a little shift in thought, a better start to the day’s direction, it’s a little tweak to the heading of that day. I enjoy these each day with my morning coffee without fail before I head to the docks. Course corrections are intentional and need only be subtle. I’ve had the pleasure to hear Andy share in person as well, in upstate New York and once down in Florida. I trust him at the helm, as well for needed course corrections. I look for them each day. Many thanks!”

David Sior, sailor and boat builder

“I have read Breakfast of Champions daily since it was first published. I rarely miss reading it – it is part of my daily time with God. Breakfast of Champions is invaluable in helping to build my personal relationship with my living, loving God. It is always good and often contains inspirational faith-building ‘nuggets’. Breakfast of Champions is not for the faint-hearted. It provides a real challenge to live life in a way that honours God and help build His kingdom, drawing on the strength and power of the Holy Spirit in us. Bacon and eggs, or Breakfast of Champions? My choice is B-of-C every day!”

Don Payne, retiree

“In 2012 I went to bed feeling challenged by God to move on from a ministry position that I held in Nottingham. I loved the church and did not want to move but the following morning I read Breakfast for Champions where the reading was from Genesis 12. I felt God really speak to me and spoke with the leadership within a few days about what I felt God was saying. Later that year I found myself leaving Nottingham and moving to Leicester where I am now a part of a leadership of a great church here. Thanks.”

Rob Gale, Managing Director

“I have loved receiving the Breakfast of Champions emails. It’s the perfect way to start my day! I love that it is sent on weekdays and that it is a manageable length. I personally have found, time and time again, that the subject matter has divine timing and speaks right into what’s happening in my world where I need encouragement or direction. It gives me focus for my week, biblical references, and leadership-level teachings that spur me on in my work in ministry. Thank you for continuing to provide a ‘balanced meal’ in my spiritual nourishment.”

Andrea Kuhn

“I’ve been studying Breakfast of Champions after registering to an online course a year to the day after I was ‘saved’. This was also the same day that I started a new job. Six months down the line, Andy’s devotionals have helped establish and guide me in a challenging role and has directed me to scriptures at the perfect time; from how I conduct myself at work with the spirit of Daniel, to God’s promise of making a way in the desert at a time that a relationship ended. (Interestingly, my job does literally take me to the desert!) I look forward to moving on with the Bible study with a dedication to and confidence in God’s word that Andy’s work has helped bring in to my life. Thank you.”

Andy Bullock

“I am a wife, mum, part of the church leadership team and PA to a Headteacher in a secondary school. My son was attending university in Portsmouth and started to attend Andy’s church, Family Church, on a regular basis. We would come and visit our son and go to the service on a Sunday. While Family Church was very different to our church back home, we used to join the services and enjoyed listening to Andy Elmes preach. He is down to earth but preaches with such passion. We heard about Breakfast of Champions being published and purchased two copies, one for us and one for my parents. The daily thoughts brought out challenges for us and made us think about the issues raised. We completed the book and then had the opportunity to sign up for the daily emails, which we have received ever since. It can set you up for the day and face the issues that arise with greater knowledge that you are not on your own. I look forward to this second volume of Breakfast for Champions.”

Shirley Lee

“Everyday I am fed something new when I read Breakfast of Champions. It’s always relevant and something that I can apply to my day-to-day living. It’s food for thought and gives me ammunition to use against the enemy on a daily basis. It’s like having breakfast with God.”

Margaret Morgan

“Living in Australia, Breakfast of Champions for me becomes a late afternoon reflection when it hits my inbox around 4pm. It is so easy for us to get weighed down by the events of the day. I find Breakfast of Champions promotes a freshness and power to my spiritual journey. To me it encapsulates Paul’s words to Timothy: ‘God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear or timidity but of power, love and a sound mind.’ The writings are always easy to understand, yet contain powerful encouraging truths. Many times I’ve used Breakfast of Champions as the basis for a short devotion or communion message at our church.”

Neil Elliott, Australia (Director of Special Projects, UCB UK)

“I have benefitted greatly over the last few years from reading Andy Elmes’ Breakfast of Champions. In fact, I think his devotionals are one of the best I’ve ever read, and I’ve known Christ as my Saviour for forty-five years! His style of writing is so applicable, insightful and relevant to the world we live in today. Keep them coming, Andy!”

Sandy Booher

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