Great Big Life Lead offers a selected group of leaders the opportunity to journey with Andy in a more up-close intimate leadership relationship.

GBL Lead is for those who seek to develop and grow their leadership ability and desire wisdom, input and apostolic mentorship in a more personal, bespoke and relational way.

 The agenda is simply to empower and equip these intentional leaders to be the most effective leaders they can be so they can successfully and confidently lead, develop and grow what God has given them to lead whether that be in the arena of ministry or business or both.

Note: This is not just another large network experience rather a smaller more personal community of people who have a desire and passion to intentionally invest into, develop and enlarge the spiritual leader that they are.

Opportunity Includes:

  1. Relational apostolic mentorship, input and impartation from Andy and His team over either a short focused period of time or a longer-term relational journey.
  2. Input & guidance concerning what you are currently leading through a ministry assessment where zero gravity advice and recommendations are given with the option of further coaching for the successful implementation of the goals and targets discovered.
  3. An invitation into a community of like-minded leaders committed to walking together, supporting and celebrating each other in an authentic and transparent way.

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